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Jacquii Cooke Opines Re: Religion

2012 ==> Stay Focused on Peace and Love So – I was being a bit flip (but completely serious) during a recent...

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Orgasm | a duet in haiku (Poem)

So I revisited this piece. It was originally a haiku quartet likely written as I choked back sobs between sips of...

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Prez Bush 43 Racist? ((shut your mouth!))

People muddy and make meaningless the word and concept “racist” and “racism” by unnecessarily (and a lot...

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Poetic Manifesto (She & He)

An homage to nature is a must in every Poet’s repertoire. Mine is an abstract featureing the East-Wind and...

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Poetic Manifesto (I Mock Myself)

There is a time when one must boldly declare her sovereign right to exist without turmoil. This long poem is my...

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Manifesto (I Am Not Tragically Coloured)

This Long Poem is a tribute to one of the most prolific Artistes of the Harlem Renaissance: Zora Neale Hurston. ...

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