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Celebrating poetic love & typed words

Question my skill set perhaps, but never question my heart. --- J. Cooke

Introducing Jacquii Cooke

Introducing Jacquii Cooke

Orgasm (a duet in haiku)
wine in my goblet; dew
supple as a virgin’s tear.
lingering shadow.
unseen mambo: this
wind on my window, raucous
like passion murmurs.
Copyright © 2011 Jacquii Cooke

Orgasms are great; they really are exquisite when the heat of your conscientiously lit fire is stoked by the one you love. We all know this. So it’s only logical that this is the answer Jacquii came to when asking herself, “Why the hell are you placing your haiku duet ‘Orgasm’ so prominently above-the-fold (as it where) on your new site?”

Pleasure is paramount. All other answers are secondary…

Besides, “Orgasm” is a personal favorite from her vast collection of completed works… At anyrate, please read the following letter of welcome and receive it in the spirit of poetic love that it’s written.

Dear Guest:

My poetry is sensual, my poetry is avant-garde with an abstract bent, and my poetry is a lifeblood which flows through the veins of my creativity center. My poetry is the majick which allows for whatever bit of sanity I have left to remain intact. Perhaps my poetry is the orgasm which keeps insanity pleasured and at bay…?

Whatever the case may be, I sincerely hope you enjoy sharing in this, which is the personal evolution of Jacquii Cooke as seen through her poetry.

Most Sincerely,

Jacquii Cooke.


FYI ==> You will find Orgasm and other pieces in the Jacquii’s Blog portion of the site. Additional poetry – displayed in an artistic showcase portfolio – may be found in the Poetry Showcase section.

About Jacquii

About Jacquii

Jacquii Cooke is a Black American Poet, turned web & graphic designer from Oak Ridge, Tennessee. She is devoted to the more abstract styles of writing which center around the topic of owning one’s fate by holding tight to truelove.

Ms. Jacquii Cooke“If I were to write my own personal autobiography, it would be in prose poetry format. It would be all about transcending the immediate setting to reveal themes that are universal to man and woman: one’s faith, one’s fate and his relationship with his fellow humanity & to the natural world,” says Ms. Cooke, referring to her collected poetry as a whole. “My writing embodies the strong feminine voice; this voice owns the concept of earning redemption by righting the wrongs of past transgressions, ultimately soaring to an unending freedom.”

“In many ways, it indeed seems as if I’m writing my autobiography page by page, with each breath I draw and each beer I sip,” laughs Jacquii. “I’ve given up smoking cigarettes; besides who can afford them now-a-days anyway right? I do believe it is healthy for one to have a vice though. Mine are literature and love and beer, amongst a few other choice items. Apparently I’m greedy!”

Jacquii’s writings have been featured in both online & print journals. Most recently she has created an online forum for Poets & Writers. JPiC (Jacquii’s Poetry in Color) Forum For Writers is an online Community where open-minded writers of all backgrounds can freely share in the joy of creating literature. Some of Ms. Cooke’s writings may be found online at JPiC Forum For Writers. Jacquii’s JPiC profile can be found at MsJacquiiC.

“I do use powerful words to evoke emotion, but also to stimulate imagination. If one can ‘see’ the words dance before his eyes – then he can likely feel, smell and even taste them as well. And I do thoroughly enjoy really tasty poems. My poetry is an emotions-fest sprinkled with a little garlic salt, Mrs. Dash, fresh ginger and Tabasco sauce… My poetry is like a piece of General Tso’s chicken tossed in ghetto soul.”

Jacquii Cooke (Poet & Webmistress)


Jacquii’s Poetry Spot was Jacquii’s 1st attempt at web design. She made the website using then Macromedia Dreamweaver. “The entire  experience of JPS was essential to my own growth as a Poet,  Webmistress & Web Designer. The premise of the site actually led to the creation of JPiC Forum and what is now JacquiiDesigns.

Jacquii’s Poetry Forum

Jacquii’s Poetry Forum

Jacquii’s award-winning Jacquii’s Poetry in Color Forum is an award-winning, non-censoring online Community where open-minded Poets & Writers of all ethnicities and backgrounds can freely share in the creation of literature. We celebrate diversity with the typed word and adore sharing in our mutual passions of perfecting our poetic craft.

The goal at JPiC Forum For Writers is quite simple really: to give & receive poetic love, constructive criticism and quality feedback on each others writing. Registration is 100% Free for all Members.

  • Poetry, Lyrics & Essays
  • Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction
  • Literary Articles & Poetry Videos
  • Reviews & Much More…
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About JacquiiDesigns

About JacquiiDesigns

Jacquii has expanded her artistic endeavors, branching out into freelance web & graphic design. She takes on a myriad of online projects. A large part of this new business venture includes custom graphic creation, web design & vBulletin consultation.

She’s currently building her online portfolio — located at — and growing her clientele. Her rates are both competitive & reasonable and her results are proven creative, innovative & artistic. If interested in acquiring any of Jacquii’s services, contact her via JacquiiDesigns, and/or add JacquiiDesigns to your instant message programs for chat consultation:

  • Yahoo: JacquiiDesigns
  • MSN:
  • AIM:
  • GoogleTalk:


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“We have an extensive expertise in developing websites that work and a matching appreciation for designing complimentary graphics that complete the overall package. We’re of the creative class and our clients are continually amazed at the superb quality of work we deliver.” (Web & Graphic Design)

Contact Jacquii

Contact Jacquii

  • This Website:
  • Jacquii Cooke | PO BOX 6794 | Oak Ridge, TN 37831-3534

Complete the form below should you need to reach Jacquii Cooke. Have an interest in Jacquii’s web & graphic design services? Use the JacquiiDesigns LiveChat link above. Additional contact methods are listed above as well, say for instance, should you choose to use snailmail…

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