Poetic Manifesto (Titles in Perpetuum)

Poetic Manifesto (Titles in Perpetuum)

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My signature poem (circa 2003) is a compilation of titles I considered for my Obsession With Technicolor manuscript… Quite abstract in style is this long poem. And just like me: a touch of classical, a bit of jazz, layers of madness (the witty kind…), and the end is simply exquisite. Approach it with an open mind and you might just gather a glimpse of Jacquii.

Titles in Perpetuum


On the Inside of a Walnut Husk-
Vociferous Approval:
The Paradise of my Despair
Here on the Hill
I’d Finally Arrived-
Here on Hillside Road
Where Noisy Clocks
Cluck Like Chickens-
Bells Ring
The Tone of my Despair-
Where Dogs Love Barking,
I Crave Eternal Silence
And a Pen,


A Flyswatter
Cokeman Cometh Hither
Like Slick Words-
Smiling Paints:
And the Truth of a Canvas-
The Irony of Mona’s Face
She’s a Tough Nut,
Beyond Picturesque Hillsides-
A Rare Bit of Madness
Amongst Controversie Contemporary
And Modern Woes-
Quintessential and Essential:
Mona’s Blatant Mockery-
Exquisite, Her Lines
Abstract the Sketch,
Her Lingering Smirk-
And She Laughs Well


On Hillside Road
And Abroad-
Poetry like a Blow
Prose like Peace-
She Snickers from Without
What a Piece,
And Her Smile-
A Masterpiece
In Reflection-
Abstraction in
Oily Inks,
A Picasso Mademoiselle
Puzzle Pieced,
An Ironic Pang-
The Slaves Watch
Much like the Cuckoo


Cezanne’s Peaches,
A Cherry
Unremorseful Prose-
As a Tear Sweats
Rolling Downhill,
Laughing at Nothing in Particular-
Machete Blades
And Stabbing Words, the Blues-
A Song in the Key of Patience:
Holiday’s Haunting-
Dizzy Highnotes:
Tapps of Freedom-woe-
Intellectual Noise
On Unseen Scores-
Thus the Hypothesis Sirens


Hypocritical Dissonance
For Proverbial Pros-
Stars Against
A Midnight Cerulean-
Dotting the Sky
Like a Fallen Meteor-
Honeydew Melons,
Honeysuckle Juice-
A View of my Comet-
Comments on the Artiste
And Her Life, His Sorrow-
And Her Love-
Purple Doves,
White Hyacinth,
Poppies Red: A Memoire


Mama Showed Me
Wings (the truth of flight)-
A Self portrait
In the Air-
The Heir of Beauty,
A Canvas of Wanting-


I Like It Like This-
A Cathedral of Hope-
Old Cadillac Grilles,
Rims of Awe-
Cracked Paint
And Whitewalls-
Colors of Me
Colours Are Me-
And River’s Turquoise,
Translucent Love-
Treks In Solitude-
Wind of Ghetto-lust
And Backroad Dusts


Pecans in December
Smells of July-
Let Me Eat Cake,
September’s Pie-


A Portrait in Tedium-
A Masterpiece of Perseverance-


Dali’s Tree And My Clocks


On Rugged Feet
I Stand!



Copyright © 2003 Jacquii Cooke


Jacquii Cooke is a Black American Poet from Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Her writings have been featured in both online & print venues. More of her writing may be found at JPiC Forum For Writers, an online Community where open-minded writers of all backgrounds can freely share in the joy of creating literature. Jacquii’s JPiC profile can be found at MsJacquiiC.

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