Here’s Where I Stand [Video]

Here’s Where I Stand [Video]

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It’s not very often that I claim a song as my FAVORITE OF ALL TIME – But this most beautiful song by Tiffany Taylor is it! Her voice is absolutely angelic when she croons Here’s Where I Stand. This song has lyrics that epitomizes everything that I have stood for throughout my own life: COURAGE to be ones true self, FREEDOM from unwanted malice & STRENGTH to make your voice heard, your stance respected and both courage & freedom a reality.

Here’s Where I stand is from the movie CAMP. I posted the video on YouTube after seeing the movie – I was just so very impressed with the song and the movie scene which brought about the song… As of this very posting, my Here’s Where I Stand video has over 300,000 views with several hundred text comments.
A new favorite of mine was posted by the talented Artiste Eron Anthony as a video response to Here’s Where I Stand – His interpretation is simply stunning. Check both out on YouTube:

  • Here’s Where I Stand: Tiffany Taylor
  • Here’s Where I Stand: Eron Anthony

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