My Favorite Quote (Sojourner Truth)

My Favorite Quote (Sojourner Truth)

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Sojourner Truth – A Real American Hero. Also an Abolitionist, evangelist and feminist…

“Now I hears talkin about de Constitution and de rights of man. I comes up and I takes hold of dis Constitution. It looks mighty big, and I feels for my rights, but der aint any dare. Den I says, God, what ails dis Constitution? He says to me, ‘Sojourner, dere is a little weasel in it.’”

This quote is one of my favorites to be absolutely sure. Ms. Truth was no doubt filled with courage when these words burst forth from her lippy gaze. It should be said that her very speech has inspired an entire evolution, one which culminated in the freeing and untying of a humanity which’d been bonded down and shackled in a mire of “ew” — Such is the simple emancipation, yet profane, wisdom of her word.

The very idea of Sojourner Truth has been an important inspiration in many of my own writings. This is a woman who spoke so clearly, so concisely and with such an open honesty & courage that her ideal will be valued till the end of days. My most favorite Sojourner Truth quote of all time still till this very day strikes me as quite the epiphany in terms of aspiring to mystical divinity of sorts; One, whom ultimately life has given absolute promise of no-hope, unexplainably having not only sliver of it, but endlessly & uninhibitedly so, gains hopeful promise of better-tomorrow:

“If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these together ought to be able to turn it back and get it right side up again.”

My poem “Lonesome Moniker”┬áis a tribute to the strong feminine!

These concepts of strength, beauty and freedom are truly my interpretation of poetic love as set upon a beautiful sketch of Ms. Truth:

Lonesome Moniker

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Jacquii Cooke is a Black American Poet from Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Her writings have been featured in both online & print venues. More of her writing may be found at JPiC Forum For Writers, an online Community where open-minded writers of all backgrounds can freely share in the joy of creating literature. Jacquii’s JPiC profile can be found at MsJacquiiC.

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